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Bugs, Spiders and Other Pests — Weatherstripping Is essential to winning the war on pests.

Mother Nature's little creatures are always on the lookout for food and protection from the elements and your home is a prime target. Although some of these pests are helpful to our environment, and others are merely annoying, many spread disease and insects such as termites or carpenter ants annually account for millions of dollars in damage.

Unfortunately one of the most common ways pests to get into your home is right through the door. Porch and patio lights can attract insects which in turn attract spiders that use the other bugs as a food source. As these spiders expand their search for food, they walk right under your front door and into the house.

Screen doors that don't properly fit in their frames are also primary entry points for everything from flies and wasps to ants and silverfish. Even bigger pests such as mice and chipmunks are notorious for getting in under garage doors. In the Southwestern United States, scorpions will use small gaps in the frame around windows and doors to get in.

The best defense against any of these pests is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. By using Sealmax weatherstripping around doors and windows you can keep the outside - out.

TIP: Sealmax weatherstripping provides an extremely effective non-chemical pest control.